Review – The Devil’s Carnival

Cultivating much underground success with REPO! The Genetic Opera, Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich’s plans for a sequel have all but languished in development limbo for the past few years and born from this frustration comes

Critic’s Corner UPDATE

Greetings and salutations to one and all, Shane here! Now I can only tell you’re a little confused, annoyed and disorientated by the fact that there haven’t been as many posts and for this I sincerely apologize.

Review – Lord of Tears

“Lord of Tears”. (2013). In all honesty ghost stories are nothing new, plentiful nowadays to the point of mundane, even ones that actually chill to the bone are a rarity. More often than not they are synonymous

Review – A Bullet in the Arse

After a robbery gone wrong, three criminals turn against each other and embark on a blood-soaked bullet-riddled quest for cash and revenge. Written, Directed and Produced by: Robin Brennan, Paul Moder, David Richardson Cast: Paul Moder, David

Flashback – Darren Aronofsky

Hey guys! Welcome to Flashback where we look at the projects the big players made before they cracked it and the development of their visual style. Darren Aronofsky is one of today’s most iconic film directors. His

Review – Beckoning The Butcher

Beckoning the Butcher explores the night Chris Shaw and his four friends summoned a spirit into their holiday house – then disappeared forever. Directed by: Dale Trott (Alexander).  Written by: Dale Trott (Alexander. Produced by: Damien E. Lipp & Dale

Featured Artist – Ciaron Davies

Ciaron Davies is a man of many talents. Not only is he an actor but he’s also a director, a producer, a writer, a poet, and a musician. Originally from Wales, Davies is now based in Ireland.

Review – UnCivil Liberties

An NSA computer programmer is accused of being a traitor to her country when she threatens to blow the whistle on the CIA’s use of her data-mining technology to illegally track US citizens. Directed by: Tom Mercer.  Written by: Tom

Review – Killervision

A young man suffering from an acquired brain injury – the result of a recent auto accident. While watching B-grade horror movies, death scenes become visions as his circle of friends are murdered one by one at

Review – Space Trucker Bruce

When a lonely space trucker picks up a hitchhiker, they deliver a haul of hog fat to an outlying space station then go on an adventure to salvage secret space treasure. Directed by: Anton Doiron.  Written by: